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Finishing Large Head Planter Cookie has been making pots since leaving
West Surrey College of Art in 1977 and for
many years ran a production pottery
making decorated table ware.



Cookie is currently making sculptures and pots for the garden and home including:   bird baths,  bird houses,  head planters and various animals both figurative and mythical.

The clay varies from craft crank and porcelain fired to 1280’C coloured with various oxides, stains and glazes  or   red earthenware fired between 1060’C and 1100’C with coloured slips and glazes or burnished and waxed.

All the work is individually made and will vary from those shown, please contact her for more information.


 All the images shown are made with free machine embroidery

  • the dog teeth on the machine are lowered,
  • the normal foot is removed,
  • all dials are turned to 0
  •         the needle is used like a pencil to draw the design.

 Cookie uses a Pfaff 1530 electric machine, a strong mechanical machine (i.e. not computerised).  Although it can do some automatic embroidery stitches, she uses straight stitch for the embroidery and close zigzag for the edge and to attach the twisted silk edging.

Cookie generally works on calico stretched in a hoop for the main image.
This is either finished with twisted silk around the edge or where the edges are to be uneven a vanishing muslin is attached to the calico.
The edge is then burnt off leaving just the stitching giving a worn or aged appearance.
Currently Madeira Rayon threes, which has a lovely sheen, is used in a combination of 30 and 40 thickness. Where required Anchor threads and old cottons provide a matt finish.

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